Scuola del Legno was born from the idea of two friends, Giacomo and Vasco, for creating a place to share the passion for woodworking.

Thus the laboratory in Via Sant’Andrea in Viterbo was born: a space fully equipped with traditional machinery and tools in which, under the guidance of skilled masters, anyone can make their own experience.

Turning, classical carpentry, restoration, carving, design are the activities that our laboratory offers. No special needs are required to enter our courses, anyone can test their skills. We offer the best cognitive and technical tools to hobbyists and neophytes, to safely start a path of autonomous growth. To professionals we offer thematic in-depth courses on specific materials and techniques, be they traditional or last generation. In addition to the standard courses proposed on our site it is possible to request specific activities to achieve a specific result.

Our peculiarity consists of offering a space in which creativity and manual skills merge, to give life to your projects. You propose the idea and we offer vehicles and assistance to carry it out. You will go back home with the objects you made and a wealth of knowledge, useful in your future projects. We don’t want to be a classical “school” but a meeting place for exchanging ideas, suggestions and sharing a passion; it is in this spirit that Scuola del Legno offers its students an end-of-course lunch, traditionally consumed among the benches of the laboratory.