For newbies who want to undertake woodworking as a hobby or a professional, we recommend starting with a traditional 3-days carpentry course, to learn about wood to recognize the grain to be able to proceed knowingly against processing vein, transverse vein, long vein or head vein, because depending on how a saw or a plane meets the vein of the wood we should choose the most appropriate tool and blade. 

For those who want to learn more about traditional joinery techniques combined with working with electro-tools and stationary machines, we recommend a project course where the student will choose what he wants to achieve; we will offer our laboratory skills and resources to be able to transform an idea into a concrete object.

For those who want to “live in the laboratory” instead, they have the opportunity to attend a 2 to 8 week long course, where lessons will alternate with real-life laboratory breaks: sharpening, construction of school furniture, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the machines, simply preparing coffee!

An essential step to work wood “seriously”’ is the construction of a carpenter’s bench, that is traditional with a frame that contains the top or Roubo with the top wedged on the legs, it must necessarily have a vice, dogs and be robust.

The woodworking lathe course is intended for those who want to learn how to create artistic objects (not just containers) and for those who want to integrate their skills and equip their laboratory with a useful tool. also to characterize their objects and make pieces for restoration.

For those about to go “further” with the purchase of stationary machines, we organize days to learn about them: register guides, set blades, routine maintenance, self-built accessories to get the best while working safely and know the limits in the various processes.

The restoration is an artisan product that cannot be separated from the knowledge of all the joinery techniques and therefore we recommend starting from a student’s object to be restored to which you can consciously apply the most appropriate processes from time to time: paint stripping, restoring joinery elements and turned, veneer, gilding, finish.

And if not enough, specific courses in gilding, veneer, milling, construction of wooden planes …

Do you miss the space or the tools to play with wood? We provide you with a space to experiment and make your creations.




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The class schedule is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm