Special Courses

CMT milling course

Thanks to the collaboration with CMT Orange Tools, Scuola del Legno has scheduled 3 appointments to learn how to use burs. Born in a modest workshop in the historic center of Pesaro in 1962, the C.M.T. Utensili is now a factory modern and productive. The CMT Orange tools brand is increasingly known among the world’s leading woodworking companies as a top quality brand. The course includes the illustration and proof of all the work done with the help of the elettro-milling machine. Both those performed freehand and those made with the help of the milling bench. They will be made shaping tests with template, realization of furniture parts, molding, beating, grooves and joints. The course will be preceded by a lesson on the safe use of the electric tools used, their routine maintenance and maintenance of the drills.

Construction of wooden planes

Scuola del Legno organizes a course for the construction of traditional planes under the guidance of the expert Giuliano Parise. The course will focus on the creation of a sample of a customizable planer (finishing planer, planer with a high angle of cut, small block). At the end of the course each participant will return home with his own copy. All materials, including the blade, will be provided by the school. During the two days we will talk about wood planes: use, maintenance, restoration, preparation of the blade. Tests will be carried out with wooden mats and shaped sticks for frames. Participation is limited to a maximum of 8 members.

Knife-tip carving course

Scuola del Legno is honored to present the knife-tip carving course held by Maestro Ramenghi, one of the leading experts in this art and with proven experience in teaching. Introduction to the course with a brief history of carving, safety rules and drawing on a tablet. Most of the two days will be dedicated to the practice of this art with the actual carving, through the use of different types of knife. The main knife sharpening techniques will be addressed.

Joint tooling course

Scuola del Legno organizes a course dedicated to the knowledge and use of electrical tools for joining and coupling systems. Tiller milling machine (lamellar), spinning machine, tenoncino milling machine etc., simple joining systems for gluing and demountable systems.

Carpenter’s bench with frame

The course for the construction of a carpenter’s bench lasts about 8 days. The bench will be in evaporated beech wood with spruce infill panels, it will have a housing of 2 vices (front + side), dogs, 2 doors and a system of pass-through tie rods -4- on the long crossbars to guarantee stability, strength and adaptability. All the desks that come out of the school have the characteristic of having the top or semi-floors sliding on a guide so as to avoid wood splits and splits.

The joints of the perimeter frame will be dovetailed. The bench will measure around 160 x 60 cm and the minimum thickness will be 5 cm. Shellac and wax finish.

Roubo model carpenter’s bench

The model that we do is a free interpretation of the counter in the book Art du menuisier by A.J. Roubo published in 1774. It is distinguished by being opened in the lower part (if desired it can be closed with doors and drawers), having only one low crosspiece on the long sides and four on the short sides. The plan, through joints passing through the four legs, helps to make the structure solid. It can be equipped with different types of clamps but we prefer those in quick-release cast iron. All the crosspieces are connected to the legs with metal rods and the structure is completely removable.

Traditional finishes

Special course on traditional finishes. Shellac pad, wax and half-wax. Wood coloring and coating. Two days to learn all the tricks to enhance the appearance of wood.

Build your bow

From theory to practice to build a tradition arc that you can take home. Theory of arc types, of the choice of the woods, seasoning. Demonstration of the gap. Roughing practice. Demonstration of the steam bend of the tips. Construction of the knuckles, balancing and handle. Finish. Demonstration of the realization of the rope, of the arrows. Shooting safety, tuning. shooting tests !!!